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How to Choose the Perfect Front Door for Your Home

November 18, 2019

Whether it’s draped in a Christmas wreath, guarded by a fun, fall-quoted mat or framed with blooming florals, your front door should be a statement when it comes to the exterior of your home. Reds, yellows, blues—oh my! The options are quite literally endless and once you add stains to the mix, it can become a little overwhelming to commit to a pallet. So how do you know what color front door is right for you? Your front door should be as individual as you are and make a statement while still tying into the rest of your home. It’s important to note the other colors and tones on the exterior of your home before sealing the deal on a paint color.

When you are looking for a refresh on an old door or just deciding which direction to go with a new one, look to the colors in the brick, siding or stone that frames your front door. Is there lots of texture and movement? Are you looking at an achromatic or monochromatic scheme? The easiest way to create a pallet is to find the colors present and pull from those. The hints of blue or red in a monotone brick are what can turn a random burst of color into a purposefully picked theme on your front porch.

When it comes to making a statement on your front porch, it’s important to keep in mind the long-term design of whatever you choose. Does your front porch receive a make-over during the holidays? If so, what color is your fall and winter décor? If you’re bouncing between themes and color pallets, you might opt for a classic stain or neutral swatch so that the façade is not dictating what décor you can use. If you routinely use one color pallet—for example, if your fall décor is made up of warm tones like reds and oranges, and your winter décor also plays off a similar bright red color—you may choose a warm-toned door. This allows your entryway to become a part of your decoration. If you want it to stand out from the color pallet you use when decorating, pick a complimentary color to play off the décor you have; however, if your Halloween pieces and Christmas wreath have no correlation, definitely go with something more transitional like a rustic grey or classic stain so that your front porch can path the way for the theme of your home.

Whatever color pallet you choose for the front of your house, let it make a statement and be the focal point as the entrance to your home. Let your creativity take flight and put your own mark on the home you love to live in.

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This post was written by Sydnee Cearlock

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