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Earth Day 2024: 8 Tips for Reducing Plastic Consumption Starting at Home

April 22, 2024

This year’s Earth Day theme is Plastics vs. Planet, with a goal to slash plastic production by 60% by 2040. With Chattanooga currently vying for the first-ever #NationalParkCity, it’s safe to say our residents care about the health and beauty of our hometown area. With studies showing plastics affecting wildlife, human health, and disrupting ecosystems... Read More »

Pratt Design Team Visits Shaw

March 18, 2024

Pratt pre-sale customers typically travel to Pratt Home Builders for design sessions, but our design team also travels on behalf of our customers! One of the most fun and exciting aspects of designing a home is being able to choose among the new stylish and high-quality inventory coming into the Design Center Showroom. Travelling for... Read More »

Top 2024 Home Decor Trends Combine Function and Aesthetics

January 18, 2024

The world of home furniture and decor is undergoing a transformation that embraces both functionality and aesthetics. Here are the 2024 Home Design Trends shaping our living spaces this year that can transform your new Pratt home into a sanctuary of style and comfort: 1. Sustainable Choices Environmental consciousness and sustainable furniture is more than... Read More »

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