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Getting to know us: What kinds of homes does Pratt build?

July 6, 2018

Published by Pratt Home Builders | Written by Brittany Shaw Newman

Potential customers are at all phases of the learning process about home building when they contact us. Many buyers start the process with questions about the timing of their new build, finishes, and design process. Are you curious as to whether Pratt Home Builders a good fit for you or someone you know? Here’s a quick rundown of what options we offer to anyone dreaming of building a new construction home in the Greater Chattanooga area.

Pratt Home Builders builds in communities. Many of these are communities that the Pratt team has designed and include special lifestyle amenities and unique features. For more information on communities we build in visit this link. We do not build outside of these areas, but will work with buyers to find the best option in terms of a buyer’s desires for their home plan, timeline, location and price point within our developments. We have nearly 50 home plans to choose from, and a different combination of home plans are offered at each community. Within each community, we offer two different types of homes: Market Homes and Pre-Sales.

One option for buyers is Pratt’s Market Homes. This means our team of design professionals including architects, engineers, and interior designers work together to determine a homesite, homeplan and even selects all the interior and exterior finishes. As the name suggests, Market Homes are built for the current market. Based on our research, current trends, and needs of the market, these homes are curated to accommodate sellers who may not have the time or desire to build from the ground up. The Pratt in-house design team selects all the elements, so buyers who prefer to leave design process to the professionals are often drawn to Market Homes.

They are also great for resale, since our in-house interior design team chooses the interior and exterior finishes. Our designers are trained in color, lighting, and space planning, so these homes reflect the latest finishes and trends. If you do choose to sell in the future, they will shine on the MLS due to the quality finishes like granite, hardwoods, tile and trim details you will find in most Market Homes. These homes are sold as designed, but there may be an opportunity for buyers who get in early in the process to select paint colors. Future Pratt Market Homes will also be going onto the MLS and Zillow when they are in framing.

Market homes sell at all stages of construction, so they can be a great solution for buyers who want a new construction home, but need something sooner rather than later. For example, a buyer may find a Market Home he or she could close on within a few months. Many Market Homes sell in the early stages of construction, so if you’re curious what we have coming up in our pipeline of Market Homes it’s best to get in touch with us directly at info@prattliving.com or by calling 423-757-7687.

The other option we have available at Pratt Home Builders is our Pre-Sale homes. Buyers can select their homesite and home plan within the community of their choice. Exploring our home plans and interactive home plans is a great way to see how you can “edit” our home plans. When you purchase a Pre-Sale, there are options available and opportunities to put more of a personal touch on the home plans we offer.

The best way to get started on a Pre-Sale home to is to call our office or get in touch with our Online Sales Counselor to learn what the best fit for your home plan goals would be. You can go over your desires for your layout and square footage, talk over your preferred locations and ideal price point, and we can make suggestions about what communities and home plans will be the most ideal fit. Then, we will set an appointment to visit the community in person. There, our onsite New Home Consultants for each respective community will help make sure the homesite and home plan work together.

Pre-Sale buyers receive to finish is approximately six months. Of course, there can always be variables due to weather, land development challenges, and other factors. Pre-Sales are a great option for buyers who like to have more choices, and are a way to spend your new home budget on the features and finishes that are most pertinent to your family since they allow for more opportunities to personalize.

We have Pre-Sales available at many of our current communities. We recently opened our brand new Magnolia Farms community, a new phase in Boulder Pass at The Canyons in Falling Water, and a new phase is open in Creekside at Hampton Meadows so these are all great options for buyers who want to be able to choose their homesite, home plan and finishes.


With questions about any community, get in touch with us online at prattliving.com or by calling 423-757-7687. You may also visit any of our communities any day except Tuesday and Wednesday, but we recommend calling ahead for an appointment.

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