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The Secret to Maximizing Your Open Concept Home Plan

July 24, 2018

Guest blog by Interior Design Coordinator, Lauren Miller | Published by Pratt Home Builders


One of the most common questions customers moving from an older home into a new construction home is, “Where do I put my furniture in an open concept plan?”

While an open concept floor plan may be ideal for entertaining, it can feel challenging to determine furniture placement. It may be tricky to define the space the way you’d like to, while still keeping the design of the home feeling natural. With open concept plans, it’s best to define which activates you’d like to accommodate in your given space, then furnish it accordingly. To really get in the mindset of a designer, you’ll need to keep your daily events in mind, too.

For example, let’s dissect a dining room or breakfast nook. Do you often need extra chairs for seating? If so, you may need to consider space for storing chairs or opt for a larger table with more seating to better fill up the room (but don’t lose your 36” of clearance for ease of flow!) Does your dining space provide any other function than being a place to eat? Maybe your children use that space for their homework area, or maybe that’s the first place you drop the mail? In a situation like so, it would be ideal to have a storage piece that can accommodate miscellaneous items. These types of studies will help you really dig into each space and decide what furniture pieces will be needed, first and foremost. Tip: always pay attention to the dimensions.

Once you’ve determined the activities for each of your “open” spaces and have selected some furniture pieces, it’s best to use natural focal points and your starting point in defining your spaces (i.e. fireplaces, large windows, or an accent wall). Rugs are also a great way to anchor your furniture without overdoing it. Lets say your dining room and living room are essentially one room – how do you provide a natural definition without overcrowding and squaring off your spaces? Start with placing your furniture focusing on your architectural features, then add an appropriate sized rug to anchor those pieces. Stools, ottomans, and accent chairs can also act as a divider without feeling heavy with too many sofas or tables.

Above all else, make sure your home is comfortable and suitable for your needs! All families are different, so don’t be afraid to tweak these tips to your requirements. Happy designing from Pratt Homes!


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