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Rethinking Remote Buying and Building

April 28, 2020

Editorial by Brittany Newman

In those iconic words of Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin”, and since home workouts are all the rage right now, I’d love for you to engage in a mental exercise with me and brainstorm all the ways the Internet touches your life. Earlier I saw a meme that said “Can you imagine if this lockdown happened 10 years ago ? We’d all be using dial-up.” Yikes!

Here in Gig City – Chattanooga, TN – we’re no stranger to doing things online, especially with the speed and ease of America’s fastest Wi-Fi. Still, since the onset of COVID, it’s safe to say many industries are seeing rapid innovation and leaning toward online resources.

Consider all the things you already do online and all the trust you place on those vendors to provide services that are fairly intimate and that directly influence you and your family.

We can bank online, grocery shop online, choose clothes and shoes online, earn a degree online, purchase a car online and yes – I bet we all have family and friends who have met that love of their life online! (People say buying a home is your biggest investment, but the latter might be an even bigger one!)

What’s the common denominator among these processes? You’re curious! You have a goal, you’ve done the research, you have an idea of what you want, you see things that align with your values, and you want to take know more.

So, what’s the next step? You make a move! Take a look at our Web site, PrattLiving.com first. Like what you see? Just give us a call 423-757-7687. We’d love to have a candid conversation and figure out if we’re a match.



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