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Design Details: Interior Doors

April 5, 2020

Interior Doors are easy to overlook – until they’re not. You know the old, hallow, orange-wood doors at Grandma’s house that match the wood paneling accent wall in their basement? Those are not the kind of statement interior doors that are breaking into 2020. We are talking about the modern and trending interior doors that everyone should be buying this year.

Sleek and simple is the name of the game at the start of this new decade, which is why we are starting with the classic stile and rail, or panel, door. These classic two, four or six paneled doors have been a popular choice since the mid-1900’s. While this style door has been around for quite a while, it is a classic style that is taking on new, leaner features that allow it to stay relevant. The panels have become much simpler over time and the ornamental details have minimized. Even the six panel doors have taken on a more modern design than they once had, giving them a step up from something trending that will be out of style in a few years. While six panel doors are still an active player in the game, the two-panel door remains the star of the show.

While it’s never a bad idea to go with a classic, sometimes the edgier, more trending interiors pull at homeowner’s heartstrings. If this is you, an exterior mounted sliding-track barn door might be right for you. This interior element acts as an architectural detail, framing cased openings as the center of attention in any room. The spotlight cannot help but shine on this feature, as it silently claims all attention.

This is not your ordinary interior door—the metal frame of the door adds an industrial look and depending on what door you choose, anything from a modern to farmhouse to traditional look can be achieved. Some opt for a rustic look to match interior farmhouse style décor. To achieve this, add a pop of Barn-wood red paint on the door or use old, reclaimed wood to tie in the rustic feel of the other interior design choices.

If your style is a little more modern or industrial, look for a two-panel shaker style door—for extra pizzazz, use glass inserts on the recessed panels of the door. Frosted glass can make a huge impact if you’re wanting something more streamline than wood but don’t want to lose the privacy of a solid door.

Interior doors are something that are easy to forget about but can make a lasting impact if the details are not overlooked. Remember when selecting interior accents and décor to find a theme or color pallet you love and can stick to long-term. This will help your home feel cohesive and well put together. Choose accents that follow similar themes, materials, textures and colors that will allow your home to host a complex environment that is layered with pieces you love. Doors are just one piece to the puzzle!

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