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Design Spotlight: Lauren Miller, Interior Design Coordinator

April 11, 2018

Published by Pratt Home Builders | Article Written by Brittany Shaw Newman

For most home buyers, design is the most exciting and anticipated part of the process new home construction. Lauren Miller is their very first exposure to the process at Pratt Home Builders, and this soon-to-be UTC graduate ensures the design process helps accomplish all a buyer’s goals from start to finish. Our Online Sales and Digital Marketing Coordinator, Brittany, talked with Lauren about being part of the Pratt team and what she loves most about the design process.

BN: What is your position at PHB and what does it entail?

LM: I’m the Interior Design Coordinator at Pratt Homebuilders! I’m the first person of contact for any buyer once they have hit the Design phase: I schedule all appointments, prepare for client meetings, and so on. I also design the company’s market homes and aid in any reselections that a buyer may have before their closing date.

BN: What’s your favorite aspect of design?

LM: My favorite aspect of design is how versatile it can be. Everyone has a different style and perspective when it comes to their home. No client is the same, and I love that you can see someone’s personality come through with the selections they make!

BN: What is your degree in, specifically, and what aspects do you enjoy sharing with the customers and team at PHB?

LM: I’m pursuing my B.S. Interior Architecture degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga! Because I have exposure to the deign world at Pratt and also at school, I’m able to see multiple different projects happening at once (some even being from the Commercial side). Some things I’m learning in school, I’ve already learned at Pratt, and vice versa!

BN: What are your current favorite design trends?

LM: There are some design trends that I’m loving right now, but my favorite has to be wood cabinetry making a comeback! I know it sounds crazy because trust me, I love a white kitchen, but I think the design world is bringing warmth back in better ways than we’ve seen in the past. We’re seeing wood cabinetry in the kitchen come back a lot softer than before – natural stains paired with stark whites are BEAUTIFUL! I think it will take some time for a lot of people to get on board with, but I think it will be a great option for transitional buyers that don’t necessarily love the contemporary, sleek look, but don’t love the dark, rich look either.

BN: What are your three top favorite home plans by Pratt?

LM: Oh, man! It’s hard to choose because I tend to think from a buyer’s standpoint – but for my personal preference, I’d choose the Magnolia Lane (my all time favorite), the Laurel, and the Callaway.

BN: Why is the Pratt design process unique and effective?

LM: The Pratt process is unique compared to other Production Builders because I don’t feel like we are one. We’re not the builder that repeats designs and uses generic pallet, in fact, we try very hard to make every single design different from another. We meet with every client through multiple meetings and guide them in designing every square inch of their home. They have someone different from Sales, Design, and Construction to lean on at all times – that’s what makes us unique and effective!

BN: What do you enjoy most about working with buyers?

LM: I enjoy seeing the personality of each buyer come out in what they’ve chosen. You build relationships with the buyers and learn about their personal wants and needs, so it’s enjoyable to see them light up when designing their home.

BN: What are some of your favorite designs you’ve helped customers create?

LM: My very first buyer was a Market – reselect home. She had purchased the home early on in the construction process, so she had the option to re-select almost everything from what was designed for previously…. and boy, did she! She through me through a loop and definitely made me work, but her home turned out so beautiful. She went with a timeless design – all white kitchen with stunning quartz counters, a neutral master bath that brought in so much light, and dark hardwoods to provide contrast.

BN: Where do you go for design inspiration?

LM: Shamelessly…. Pinterest! It’s such a good way to get inspiration from other projects – there’s definitely been a few times that I’ve found something on Pinterest that I had been trying to explain on paper or come up with in my head, then saw a visual of it in a similar way! I always encourage buyers to have a Pinterest board or to bring in magazines, photos, etc., of things that they like to their first meeting so that the designers can really get a feel for their style. I draw inspiration from older homes and structures of architecture too.  My ideal Sunday would be to drive around a town (if it’s historic, that’s bonus points!) and peek into every older home and  just soak in the design.

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