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Stop Thinking Trendy and Start Thinking Timeless

January 9, 2018

Guest Blog By Interior Design Coordinator Lauren Miller

Timeless  design has staying power- it was not meant to be temporary.

When designing a space that’s geared toward trends, odds are it will already be outdated once the project is finished. My job is to share a few tips and tricks that will save you from hating your trendy home in 3 years.

Think “Classic.”

When designing your home, the best route to go is “classic.” Have you ever entered a space and just thought, “Wow, this is beautiful”? Most of the time that occurs when the space is classic and elegant, rather than decorated from the trend of the year. To achieve this classic style, you may want to draw inspiration from Greek Architecture: Moldings, columns, stripes or bold solid colors.

Your timeless home will play upon these details. Also, incorporate natural resources and fibers such as woods, stones, brick. Mixing materials and colors is what brings interest in.

Think Color.

Neutrals are key to a timeless design. They set a perfect backdrop for art and furniture, without overdoing it. Beiges, grays, and soft blues have a strong presence in timeless homes, often accented by crisp, bright whites of moldings in ceilings, arches, and doorways. But not all timeless homes are painted in neutrals. You can try classic colors such as black, navy blues, and dark greens that are often complemented by these neutrals. My word of advice: When in doubt, aim for simplicity, maturity, and elegance.

Think Accents.

If you can’t get over a particular trendy accent, however, use it! After all, this is your home and you’re going to have to love it. But with that being said, trendy patterned furniture may be a risky move. Accents are much more suitable to design with, for they are easily replaceable as trends change. It’s all about balance.


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